JSchool Curriculum

Grade Pre-K & K: Jewish Explorers

During these foundational years we will introduce the joys of Jewish living through music, art, ritual, and movement. A special emphasis will be using Hebrew as a spoken language and learning Torah as a favorite story book.

Grades 1 & 2: Jewish Time Keepers

Our emphasis will be on exploring the past and present of leaders within our Jewish history. Students will learn the values displayed by our prophets and famous Jewish people through stories, art, and other hands-on experiences.

Grade 3*: Jewish Adventurers

Our students will begin their adventure into the exciting world of journey towards B’nai Mitzvah including emphasis on acquiring the initial tools of appreciation for our people, language, faith, and rituals. (Our 3rd grade students receive their B’nai Mitzvah dates.)

Grade 4*: Jewish Sustainers

This year our students will concentrate on the state of Israel. Students will explore many different aspects of Israel, including the history, language, geography, and lifestyle. Why is the state of Israel important to the Jewish people?

Grade 5*: Jewish Navigators

A year dedicated to tracing our Jewish roots to the Jewish lifestyle we have come to know. Students will explore the lifecycle events from birth to death and find reason for it in our history.

Grade 6*: Jewish Adults in Training

Explore the mitzvah system of 613 commandments. Research and learn what the expectations of our faith are when one becomes a Jewish adult. Students will create a list of their own adult priorities for their upcoming role as a Bar or Bat Mitzvah and work together to form meaningful mitzvah project opportunities.

Grades 3-6: Hebrew Language Exploration

Our students formally begin their Hebrew education in Grade 3 using Hebrew primers and Shalom Learning (see more below). These first steps prepare young students to decode by teaching all 32 letters and vowels of the Alef Bet. The Hebrew program continues to unfold as our students progress through writing the language and reading various prayers in preparation of, not just their B’nai Mitzvah, but their entrance into young Jewish adult life. Through their many years of study, students work towards fluency and accuracy in their reading and chanting as well as gaining an appreciation and understanding of Hebrew’s role as a modern, spoken language in Israel and beyond.

A word about preparations for your child becoming a B’nai Mitzvah:

Through our Judaic and Hebrew educational programs, our students will be prepared to lead the Congregation in Shabbat worship, chant their Torah and Haftorah portions, and to present the D’var Torah as part of their service to become a B’nai Mitzvah. While educational, their preparation begins on their first day of school, more specific service-prep begins about six to seven months in advance of the B’nai Mitzvah and is guided by both the education office as well as direct interactions with our clergy. A fee of $1620 is charged in advance of 4th, 5th, and 6th grades which includes all preparation, services, rehearsals, security, and the Friday night Oneg. Families electing an afternoon (Mincha) service will be charged an additional $2000.

*Denotes both Judaic and Hebrew Language education

Digital Resources

Hebrew Curriculum

In partnership with Torah Aura Publishing and JLearnHub, ShalomLearning offers two different approaches for learning Hebrew and Tefillot. Both options provide students the opportunity to learn to decode Hebrew and prayers for Shabbat services. Between class times, students log in to the site my.shalomlearning.org to complete self-paced activities, answer questions, practice Hebrew and stay connected to their Hebrew school class throughout the week. Each family will receive login information from ShalomLearning to set up your account. THERE ARE NO ADDITIONAL COSTS TO THE FAMILY. This will also be our portal to communicate with all your teachers.

Judaic Curriculum

ShalomLearning’s interactive, Jewish values-based curriculum helps children develop a positive Jewish identity. The curriculum is based on seven Jewish values we all share, like Gevurah “Using your inner strength to do what’s right,” and Teshuvah “Taking responsibility for your actions.” By relating stories from the Torah and Jewish history to events happening in our kids’ lives, ShalomLearning helps each student explore his or her personal connection to our heritage. It is a spiral curriculum meaning that while all grade levels will be studying the same core values, each grade level will be learning with age and grade level appropriate activities. All of the core values are integrated into the themes of the holidays (ie Teshuvah is introduced for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur).