Lay Leadership

The Board of Directors, which includes the Executive Board and Board of Trustees, are the elected lay leadership of Temple Har Shalom. The Board consists of the following officers: President, four Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, and Immediate Past President (the Executive Board); between ten and twenty-two Trustees; and the Presidents of the Sisterhood, Men’s Club and Har Shalom Temple Youth Group. Trustees have responsibility to chair committees or handle designated tasks related to the operations of the Temple. The standing committees of the Temple are: Jewish Living, Education, Budget & Finance, Membership, Early Childhood Education, House and Security. Other committees include: Caring, Communications, Fundraising, Social Action and Youth Activities.

The Board of Directors manages the affairs of the Congregation and takes such actions as it deems necessary and appropriate to best promote the welfare of the Congregation. The Executive Board is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organization (including personnel decisions) and for implementing the policies of the organization adopted by the Board of Directors. They are elected at the Annual Congregation Meeting and serve two year terms.

5782 Board of Trustees

Executive Board

  • President – Jonathan Wishnia (22)
  • Vice President – Caroline Dicks (23)
  • Vice President – Gregg Paradise (22)
  • Vice President – Jon Sandler (23)
  • Vice President – Alexis Soled (23)
  • Treasurer – Rob Cohen (23)
  • Secretary – Stephanie Green (22)
  • Immediate Past President – Karen Ehrenberg (22)

Board of Trustees

  • Denise Adelman (23)
  • Andrea Berez (22)
  • Stacey Collman (22)
  • Jan Cyzner (23)
  • Bruce Dobin (23)
  • Resa Drasin (22)
  • Michael Feldman (23)
  • Debbie Krakower (23)
  • Mark Ruderman (22)
  • David Scharf (23)
  • Dana Silbert (23)
  • Shelley Young (22)
  • Open (Auxiliary – Men’s Club President)
  • Meredith Landau (22) and Stacey Youngleson (22) (Auxiliary – Sisterhood Co-Presidents)

Any questions or concerns for the Board of Trustees should be directed to the President at