Chai School Curriculum

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Chai School

Grades 8 & 9 (Grades meet separately)

In maintaining our commitment to Tikkun Olam and nurturing our teenagers’ spirit of giving, the 8th and 9th grades are enveloped into our Mitzvah Corps. The general principles of Family Mitzvah Corps are:

  • Hineini – Here I Am: Torah and text study followed by discussion exploring our students’ place in the world and how our actions reflect our Jewish values.
  • G’milut Chasadim – Starting with the individual, tikkun middot and repairing ourselves, the particular focus of this G’milut Chasadim strand is the concept of middot – those positive aspects of our character that are reflected in our ethical behavior towards others.

Grade 10: Confirmation

This year is shared with Rabbi Musnitsky in discovering our personal voices needed to change and repair our broken world. The year is highlighted with participation in the L’Taken Seminar, a 4-day trip to Washington D.C. where we join more than 400 other Jewish teens from around the country to explore public policy issues from a Jewish perspective; draft position and policy speeches; and lobby our Congressional Representatives and Senators. (Trip fees are separate from tuition. Every student is eligible to attend, regardless of financial means.) Our time together culminates with the Service of Confirmation in the spring.

Grades 11-12

At college, our children will interact with others from all racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. When questions arise about what Judaism teaches, will they know how to answer? Will they be able to respond to challenges to Jewish values and beliefs? Our offerings strive to equip our teens with tools preparing them to be well informed on issues affecting their Judaism, in particular antisemitism on campus, and be proudly and actively involved Jewishly in college.


The Hebrew word madrich’im (which is the plural of madrich/madricha) translates to “guide”, which is what these oldest students in our community truly are: mentors and guides to our younger students. Our madrich’im program gives our high school students a chance to spend time in JSchool classrooms on Sunday mornings, serving as teachers’ assistants, role models, and engagement specialists who make connections with our younger students and get them excited for what lays ahead on their lifelong journeys of Jewish education.