L’Shanah Torah

We have renovated our building, rebuilt our programs, and returned from COVID; now we turn to what was always been the center of all Jewish communities – the Torah. Two of our scrolls, our newest and oldest, including our one rescued from the Holocaust, need our love and attention. Join us, along with renowned Sofer Neil Yerman, as we learn and restore our scrolls through a year-long hands-on process. Our tradition teaches us that it is a responsibility for all Jews to take part in the writing of a Sefer Torah at least once in their life. Now is your opportunity to complete the 613th mitzvah and write the next chapter in Temple Har Shalom’s journey.

Committee Members
Co-Chairs: Janine Silberberg, Justin Silberberg & Alexis Soled
Honorary Chair: Erwin Ganz
Andrea Berez

Darren Blumberg
Donna Connelly
Sharon Epstein
John Goemaat
Eric Harvitt
Steve Nehmer
Ken Neuman
Rachel Ostry
Gregg Paradise
Jon Sandler
Art Scheiner
Wally Schultz
Ken Silbert
Jessica Wang
Jon Wishnia
Rabbi Randi Musnitsky
Cantor Jennifer Benrey
Cantor Emerita Anna Berman
Josh Greenbaum, Executive Director
Lynn Anne Cutler, Director of Congregational Education


For more information on how to get involved, to share your story, or to learn more about our Torahs, please contact Rabbi Musnitsky at rabbimusnitsky@templeharshalom.org or (732) 356-8777.


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