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Our Religious School is strongly committed to preserving and promoting Judaism as an active force in the hearts and minds of our children.  Our congregation proudly considers our Religious School to be a top priority, and we reflect that concern in an ongoing program of innovation and growth for our school.  We strive to create an atmosphere, which expresses the joy of discovering our rich Jewish Heritage. In October of 2001, our Religious School received national accreditation by the National Association of Temple Educators .  In April of 2008, the Relgious School received reaccredidation for another seven years - an honor once again. We are proud to have received this coveted title, as one of 30 out of 980 schools with such a distinction and the ONLY school in New Jersey.

Structured religious training is offered at Kindergarten and extends through 12th grade.  We wholeheartedly encourage parents to take an active role in their child's Jewish Education.  Hand-in-hand, parents and school must work together in order to obtain our education objectives.  Through our joint efforts, we will see our children become informed and self-respecting Jewish adults.

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More Religious School Information

In response to continued feedback and in an effort to make the commitment to your child’s Jewish education a little easier, the Professional Staff, Education Committee and Board of Trustees have worked together to introduce the following schedule(s) for the coming year of Religious School:

9:00am – 11:00am Kindergarten – 6th Grade Judaic
11:15am – 12:45pm 3rd-6th Grade optional Hebrew add-on; snack included

4:15pm – 6:00pm 3rd-6th Grade Hebrew

4:15pm – 6:00pm 3rd-6th Grade Hebrew
6:15pm – 8:00pm 7th Grade & High School

Sunday Religious School: One Session
The Sunday Religious School changes create a true community inside our home on Sunday mornings with over 240 students learning and experiencing their Jewish education together. We know how many parents wrestle with ever-growing jam-packed schedules for their children, and we hope that moving to one main session of school will allow for a better balance between secular activities and your children’s Jewish education. For families with more than one child, we hope centralizing Sunday Religious School makes it much easier to accommodate schedules - no more running back and forth to pick-up/drop-off at different times for different sessions. Sundays can now mean making it to sports games on time, grabbing brunch with family after school or giving you plenty of time to enjoy the remainder of the weekend. In addition, this new schedule lends itself to family programs, adult learning opportunities, Temple-wide programming and social action projects when a majority of our families are already at the Temple.

Sunday Optional Hebrew Add-On
On the heels of the new schedule, we are proud to offer an optional Hebrew add-on for Sundays! Does your child play sports that always meet midweek? Want to free up some free time on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for other extracurricular activities? We now offer Hebrew classes on Sundays immediately following Religious School from 11:15am-12:45pm. While the day may be long for some, others may find relief in being able to centralize their schedules to one day. Classes will mirror their midweek counterparts with no difference in the quality of instruction. *Please note that as for ALL Hebrew classes, a minimum enrollment of students will be necessary to run classes on given days.

7th Grade: Welcome to Wednesday Night High School
Finally, we’re excited to announce that our 7th Graders will now be joining our 8th-12th Graders on Wednesday evenings to experience the community of over 150 students enrolled in our High School program. This change is in direct response to many 7th grade parents asking to make their schedules more manageable. We've heard you say that this is the year when extracurricular schedules increase and planning for a B’nai Mitzvah takes up even more time. Understanding that your students’ 7th Grade year already involves appointments with the Cantor and meetings with the Rabbi, classes now meet only on Wednesday evenings from 6:15-8:00. But in addition to simply making scheduling simpler, we hope that our 7th Grade students will see the major social components that come along with high school, including being a part of a more mature, discussion based classroom setting. Finally, by experiencing the high school atmosphere on a weekly basis, we hope the decision to continue their Jewish education through high school graduation will be, as it is for most of our students, an easy choice to make!

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